Basic Camera System

What Causes Video Loss In Security Cameras?

First, you have to check the BNC Connector or RJ45 if intact or Crimp/Splice well. If not, the only thing you do is to replace the BNC or Recrimp/Re-splice. In general, the issue of ‘’video loss’’ on CCTV cameras comes down to several factors: insufficient power supply or wiring problems.

Does CCTV Always Record?

We often see this sign in large companies or industries, but not all CCTV systems record 24 hours. If this is happened try to check the HHD, if the Hard Drive Disk did not function, you have to initialize the HDD, but all the recorded file will be lost. One of the best ways to fix this problem is to call your service provider for immediate troubleshooting replacement of the HDD.

No Mobile Viewing?

There are several times that the CCTVs not working in a mobile phone so, the first thing you can do is to check the network cable, check the connection if connected because sometimes slow connection can affect the mobile viewing. And make sure to remember your password.

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