Common problems in Access Control

How Important Is Your Access Control System?

It’s pertinent to determine how significant security is at your facility or place of business. Could a single security breech be enough to bring down your entire organization? If the answer is ‘’yes’’ then your business needs to be taking access control very seriously, budget accordingly, and plan to regularly update and upgrade this and other security system equipment every few years.

Don’t let an Outdated Access Control System Put Your Organization at Risk

If security is a high priority for your organization, not keeping up with the latest, most effective advances in the field could put your entire organization at risk. Security access is a bit of an arms race. As soon as new technology hits the market, hackers, burglars and other criminals are working on ways to circumvent that equipment.

The common problems that usually facing the access control are:

  1. Autentication problems: Common mistake is poor finger placement in the finger scanner, the finger should flat perfectly on the surface and centered in finger guide, and also check the finger if its clean and dry before placing it on the scanner. Check also the scanner for dirt or other obstructions on the scanner. A successful scan, the reader will appear a check mark or say verified.
  2. Push Button Not Working: Always check the wires on the back of the push button if it’s attached properly or, if the wire does not have any issues like corrosion or line cut.
  3. Logs Not Showing on The System: make sure that the device is connecting to the pc or the network. You can make sure that you have a stable network connection. Also, you can manually check your logs once the biometrics verified the fingerprint by pressing the M/Ok button.
  4. Card Not Working: Always Check the physical appearance of the card, check for some cracks, holes or folded parts. These problems sometimes occur when you buy from other suppliers.
  5. Door Lock Not Working: You should check if the magnetic Lock/Drop Bolt is properly aligned with the door, misalignment sometimes occurs when the door is forcibly brake or the magnetic lock is not installed properly.
  6. Device Capacity Full: How to delete attendance log when the device is full capacity? First, make sure to download the attendance log and have a copy. Find data management on the menu and delete attendance log.
  7. No Power on The Biometrics: Just to make sure that the device is properly plugged to the power supply. Some of the biometrics has idle settings, meaning it may sleep when no one is using it to save power.
  8. How to Reset the Biometrics: Some problems may be solved by setting the biometrics like when the device is logging or frozen. You can find the reset button under the biometrics use a push pin or any solid metal that fits the hole. Do not use materials that may broke like a graphite for mechanical pencil that may stuck in the hole.

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