Prevention Through Innovation

As we face serious epidemic called COVID-19 an infectious disease formerly known as Coronavirus. This virus was unknown before until the outbreak began in Wuhan, China. Due to the disease being contagious, it can spread from person to person through touching objects or surfaces or even touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

In addition, those workers or employees who work in common places are also prone in transmitting viruses. In relation to the company all of them are using biometrics as an access in controlling the time and the attendance system. As Biometric devices utilizes fingerprint, palm print and vein reader. That requires human contact this could possibly lead to an easy spreading of the virus. Despite of this, the disease is not a hindrance for us to continue in life for there are several ways to prevent ourselves from the virus. Avoid close contact to the people who are sick, avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose, practice respiratory hygiene, and wash your hands frequently.

Furthermore, to ensure the health and safety of every employee in a workplace, the Automation and Security Inc. introduces you the "NO-CONTACT" Facial Recognition Device. facial multi-biometric time and attendance system that detects faces even a person wears a mask. With this face recognition can be utilized as a preventive measure and employees would no longer have a direct contact from devices, this will also help to alleviate the transmission of viruses from an object to a person.

DS-K1T604MF / DS-K1T606MF



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