Sliding Gate Automation

Most Common Problems with Automated Gate:

Automated gates are necessary addition to anyone who wants to protect his family or business property. They accompany their owners for many years. However, as with any other automated gate can have some serious or severe malfunctions. As soon the problem appears, it is recommended that you contact the service provider ask them for troubleshoot the problem.

Open and Close Problem:

automated gate, there may come a time when you notice that it’s not working smoothly or that it has difficulties at certain points along the track. Tracks can easily become obstructed by debris like stones, leaves, or twigs. Use a broom to clear out the tracks and this should take care of the problem.

Light Sensors: Light sensors play a pivotal role for many automatic gates. Most times, if you notice they aren’t responding as they should, you’ll just need to clean them off. They can easily get coated with dirt or dust. Which prevents the sensors from detecting light.

Gate Motors: Gate motors can damage by water, pests, other items. Elements inside the motor, like transmitter and wires, can also malfunction. If you suspect a problem with your gate’s motor, contact you gate professional to have it looked at.

Tokey Switch / Key Switch: In some instances, your control panel will have a key switch that allows for manual control of your gate. Check your tokey/key switch to make sure it’s in it’s regular operating position. You should examine the tokey/key switch to ensure it’s not corroded, a gate professional will need to replace it for you.

Faulty Remote Control: The remote control needs to be kept in good working order to ensure that it will be able to open the automated gate without any problems. However, the batteries can start to fade so check if the blink is failing to blink. Replace the batteries and try again if this a case, replace the remote if the problem persists.

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