30 years old in 2009 with a history of acknowledgements and daily victories. Our objective has always been to design, as specialists, evolved solutions for residential and professional automation. For this reason the daily gestures of opening and closing doors and gates have been transformed, thanks to us, into convenience, service and safety. Over 25 years of evolution as protagonists.

Live with style

For Commercial and industrial users. Automatic gates can attract business due to its elegant and stylist way of opening gates.

Easy Parking

Trouble opening your gate? How heavy the gate for you to open it? With automatic gates all you need is to press te button and BOOM the gates open like you have invisible guards.

For Security

For security purpose, the gate can only open by the use of controller so no one can easily open the gate. The controller serve as your private key.

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Swing Gate

We can retro-fit any existing gate to convert it to either a swing-in or swing-out operation

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Sliding Gate

Comfort, convenience and luxury of entering your property with a push of a button.

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Road Barrier

Road barrier designed for the control of passages up to 5m long, ideal where is required the control and the management of passages of vehicles.