The covid-19 era – People embraces the ‘New Normal’

4 ways the covid19 changed the game for automated security industry:

With the lifting of the firm policy of ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) in most parts of the Philippines, businesses and establishments are reopening but as we know it, everything will never be the same even in Automated security.

It only took 3 months for the covid19 to take over the whole world and another 2 months to make the world stand still, with the all the community lockdown, economy frozen and the likes forced almost all industry to transition in a short notice. Many were shocked and find it difficult to adjust specially in the Philippines; with the social distancing implemented Filipinos will might have to double the effort in adjusting to this new rule. More so for the rest of the new normal rules

  1. People will be more conscious with their hygiene

    Gone are the days where we touch an object then we move on to the next thing we’ll need to do. Specially, when we log in for our attendance inside our work. The new normal presents the future of coming or logging in to work; with the emergence of the ‘no-contact time and attendance’ devices people will be able to log in their attendance just by standing in front of the attendance device. Like the Zkteco facial recognition terminals.




  2. Stricter and more thorough screening for entrances

    With the fear of the covid-19 virus hitting us with a surprise comeback or maybe take over the country again, business will be more inclined to put an extra security when screening people before the even get inside the building. That means taking more time, doing extra effort, falling in line for longer queues. But the automated security industry has made it to a point that these kinds of hassle could be ease up bigtime. Metal detector with thermal scanning will now be a trend with big establishments while handheld ‘fast temperature detection’.

  3. Physical Contact devices may become obsolete or may become least priority

    With the virus scare that will echo throughout the life time of those people who have experienced the pandemic. It is known that the covid-19 virus is prominently passed with physical contact thus people will now be more skeptical with devices that requires physical contact like finger print devices, touch pads and the likes.

  4. Job site will be cleaner and Safer

    This goes for the installation team when they work on site. With all the protocols being implemented people will be more cautious with their surroundings, conscious with their hygiene and also be wary of the people they interact with. These also imposes that they need to be clean with their personal space.

As contractors prepare to return to work on sites that have been shut down by lockdown initiatives, they will face an industry that has been drastically changed by the both public health and economic effects of the pandemic.

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